How long does it take to make a cake?

Cake for a garden party

We receive so many requests for individually designed cakes “to be picked up this afternoon or tomorrow morning” that we thought it would be useful to explain the process and time involved in making a cake.

For a four level chocolate mud cake like the “Cake for a garden party” featured here:

  • Gather equipment and ingredients, prepare batter and measure into four cake tins and bake – 1.0 hour
  • Cool the cake – 2.0 hours. Then allow to sit, preferably overnight.
  • Trim the cakes to make them level, assemble the four layers with filling between layers, cover cake with buttercream – 1.0 hour
  • Apply second layer buttercream – 0.5 hours
  • Make gloss buttercream, create floral decorations and assemble on cake – 3.0 hours
  • Package the cake for delivery – 0.25 hours.

So the total time involved is in the order of eight hours, preferably over two days.

This is just for a standard cake that we have made before.

If you want a unique, individually designed cake (including replicating something you may have found on Google), this can add many more hours whilst we design the cake and then figure out how to do it. Bear in mind that the fabulous cake you found on the internet has probably been done as a labour of love or someone paid big dollars to a New York or London bakery to make it.

Whether we can actually deliver in these time frames then depends on our other work commitments at the time. Our schedule becomes very full leading up to the weekend.

So, if we sometimes have to say no to a request for a cake at short notice, we trust you will understand.

For more information on our cake range, click to the cake page.

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