Naked Cakes for Perth cake lovers

What is a Naked Cake?

As the name suggests, a Naked Cake differs from the iced cakes that we are so used to in that the outer layer of fondant or other icing is left off. This then reveals the rich textures and colours of the cake itself.

Naked Cakes are typically multi layered cakes with the layers clearly visible and often feature a rich, thick filling between the layers. The filling can complement or contrast with the cake itself and become a feature of the cake.

They will dry out more quickly than traditional iced cakes so factor this into the planning for your occasion.

Naked Cakes are becoming increasingly popular as wedding cakes, particularly in more informal outdoor or rustic settings.

With the simplicity of the cake, the scope for decoration is limited only by your imagination. In place of the traditional sugar paste flowers, many clients are wanting to incorporate more natural elements such as lavender, fruit and rosemary into their rustic look cake.

For more information on Naked Cakes and some magnificent examples, visit this article from the Daily Mail

Our Naked Cakes

The photos on this page represent a sample of Naked Cakes we have created at our cake shop in Perth:

Chocolate overload

Chocolate overload

Two tiered Naked Cake decorated with fresh flowers - frangipani, roses and gerbras

Millie’s Cake

Naked cake drizzled with chocolate and decorated with mushrooms in woodland setting

Mushroom field cake

Sweet and simple carrot cake

Sweet and simple carrot cake

Salted caramel naked cake with buttercream flowers

White chocolate mud with Korean buttercream flowers

Round chocolate naked cake with chocolate shards and oreos

Wayne’s cake

8 inch naked chocolate mud cake with white flowers on white icing

White on white

Chocolate overload – chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, ganache, chocolate shards.

Millie’s cake – In this case the customer wanted to feature frangipani from her garden. So we combined the frangipani with roses from our garden and other flowers to create Millie’s cake. (A word of warning if you want to do this at home – ensure the flowers do not contaminate the cake.)

Mushroom field cake – 7″ chocolate cake

Simple carrot cake – tried and true classic flavour given a makeover

White chocolate mud with Korean buttercream flowers -hand crafted flowers with Korean buttercream.

Wayne’s cake – ordered by mum in London for a chocolate loving son living in Perth. Chocolate naked cake to the rescue with a special message from his furry, four legged friend.

White on white – an 8 inch 4 layer chocolate mud cake with white flowers on a white base.

To order your Naked Cake

We would love to work with you to create a unique cake for your occasion. Please call us on 93610979 to discuss your needs.

Cake design and decorating is constantly evolving. At The Sassy Cookie in Perth we ensure we are abreast of current developments so our customers can access the best ideas from around the world. See our Cake Page for more information.

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