What to consider when sending cupcakes to school

We receive so many enquiries for cupcakes to be taken to school for birthday celebrations that we thought it would be useful if we put together a brief guide to help you order.

Allergies and special diets

With the increasing incidence of food allergies and different dietary requirements, some schools do not allow food including cupcakes to be distributed in the class room. So, firstly, check if your school has any such restrictions.
Most schools insist cakes must be nut free.
If there is a need for gluten free do all the cupcakes need to be gluten free? It may be more economical to only provide gluten free for those who need them and standard flour based cakes for the others. Chocolate beetroot is the only cupcake in our range that is both nut free and gluten free. However, remember we are not a coeliac kitchen – we use gluten free ingredients and take every precaution to avoid cross contamination, but we cannot guarantee it.

Our cupcakes for schools

Our standard vanilla cupcake (made with base ingredients flour, sugar, eggs and milk) is the most popular for school celebrations. It is tasty and light and can be decorated to your requirements. Chocolate flavour is also very popular with the kids. Choose the baby cupcake for the younger ones and the party range for the older ones.
To avoid arguments, we suggest all cupcakes be the same and decorated in the same colour. Yellow is popular with the little ones.
To avoid sugar overload, keep icing to a minimum (this is standard at The Sassy Cookie).
Don’t forget the teacher when working out the numbers!
48 hours’ notice for orders would be appreciated.
See the Cupcake page for further details on cakes and pricing.

Delivery of cupcakes

Delivery to schools is available. There is a delivery cost that depends on the distance from Victoria Park.